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New metro city Gujar ‘WHERE DREAMS ARE TURNED INTO REALITY’ brings you the most extravagant project in your own city. Away from all cacophony and a city with peace of mind and heart. Being a well-recognized and distinctive construction. A Customer-oriented project designed by present-day engineering and innovation by Vision Group, Extending and making a great opportunity for investment for people who want to create a pool of investment in real estate. Shopping centers are being fabricated, creating new and unique styles of housing societies, business, and residential edifices are under development and there is considerably more than the New Metro city Gujar will bring to the table.

New Metro city Gujar is a task of Vision Group that holds a valid arrangement of conveying as well as overseeing prestigious land projects in Pakistan. Consequently, interests in New Metro city Gujar guarantee a happy living and you can anticipate colossal profits from the venture. The dramatic development and raising populace of our country have changed over the city into a significant focal point of investment in Pakistan. Real estate has seen the rise of various creative land projects lately. In accordance with assorted speculation open doors, tenable land projects guarantee significant yields for financial backers in the range of 3 to 4 years. New Metro city Gujar is a faultless lodging society with unrivaled offices and impeccable vision. Each block of the general public is arranged with a novel viewpoint and usefulness to give its occupants a magnifying living.



BSM Developers accept that with regards to looking for the ideal home for yourself what lies at the edge of the front entryway is similarly pretty much as significant as what lies behind it. With the vision to accomplish the most noteworthy conceivable norm in the land business and change our organization into one of the front most engineers of a faultlessly planned, manageable private and business extravagance Projects. That is the reason you can trust us to find you a position of isolation that makes concordance in your life as well as your environmental factors too.


Indeed, the area of the venture is a key achievement factor for any land project, be it a business shopping center or a quiet private lodging society. Similarly keeping in view the demand of the people and more crowd the location of our project is very ideal and most demanding. Being nearer to the  area and popular milestones like air terminals, fundamental thruways, public vehicle, and so on are the two primary components of a decent area on the grounds that these carry traffic to the new venture, causing an expansion popular.



Liquidity is the capacity of a resource for being changed over into cash. In basic words, if there is a purchaser for your resource in the market would it be a good idea for you to decide to exit from your venture. A New Metro city Gujar has a high pace of selling/buying in the market and is fluid and valid for projects that have a decent standing on the lookout.

About development work:

The advancement work nearby has previously been begun and we have wanted to foster it before time as we did in our last undertaking.

Features of New Metro city Gujar:

Our venture is an expert arranged local area. The cutting edge foundation and current improvement guidelines are the lobby sign of this undertaking. It will be a finished local area which will have

  •  School, universities, colleges
  • clinics
  • Community clubs
  • Sports offices
  •  Entertainment
  •  Aqua Theme Park
  • And fantastic works of art and a lot of additional interesting offices.

Electricity and Water:

Accessibility of power, water, and gas is a priority in New Metro city Gujar and will be provided to all pieces of the general public 24 hrs. New Metro city Gujar is better than the leftover social orders in the area as it is normally honored with regular assets among these the presence of underground water is of most extreme significance. The water is accessible at just under 50 feet of the ground and going through its locale likewise guarantees an adequate stock of water for the general public. The arrangement of each house in the general public incorporates having an underground assembled water capacity big hauler to store the wealth of water nearby. The general public likewise has an arrangement moving to fabricate its own Dam for assortment and use of the water, the work on this dam has proactively started in the general public. All the electric work in the general public is arranged underground to control the Power blackouts. Underground wires are a lot more secure and make a stylishly satisfying component in the general public.


Why New Metro city Gujar?

From Mr. Malik Riaz Hussain, Mr. Bilal Malik (Grandson of Mr. Malik Riaz) proceeds with the tradition of his family by presenting a new,unique, and extravagant project in Kharian Sara-e-Alamgir. Being a designer we mean to deliver safe speculation and potentially open doors to people. Having a huge encounter of land improvement and outcome in Gwadar Golf City we expect to give individuals of Kharian, a total local area that can enhance their day-to-day routines and upgrade their experiencing standard. Quiet Environment, Contamination free zone, incredible profit from investment and Advancement occurring at high speed.

About the plots:

5500 Kanal Land has been acquired by New Metro City Gujar Khan

New Metro city Gujar is bringing extravagant residential plots at low and very reasonable prices. The following are the spans of the plots:

  •  5 Marla plot
  • 7marla plot
  •  10 Marla plot and
  •  1 Kanal plot

When the client has totally paid every one of the due installments the plot will be prepared for ownership. Real time for ownership is a long time from the date of booking yet we likewise wanted to do it as soon as possible. Indeed, 5 % markdown on the Plot cost will be given in the event of full installment at the time of booking. The Development charges are remembered for Plot Price. Total prices of the plot

Before booking your plot:

  • Continuously check the Documents of the society: Purchasing a plot is not an easy task, and it is generally to check all the desk work before a tremendous venture. You could think about what the lodging plan’s legitimate status is, and you would be on the right track to do as such. Try to completely take a look at every one of the necessary reports consent from the relative divisions to ensure you are putting resources into a lawfully solid undertaking.
  • Visit of the site and proper information about the site: You should look into the area and have some familiarity with the property. You are effectively managing your capital. Regardless of whether you are buying a plot record without the belonging or balloting, it is as yet fundamental that you visit the venture yourself and possibly continue assuming you are totally happy with the spot.
  • Set your Finances Up: Prior to going with a rushed choice, check your moderateness and ensure that you are taking every one of the costs associated with buying a property in thought including the exchange expense, participation charge, property cost, improvement charges, overview expense and the commission of your realtor.



The general public is presently offering new appointments temporarily, so financial backers are urged to profit from this once in a blue moon speculation opportunity and advantage from it. The general vision of society is amazing. This lodging plan isn’t just reasonable for speculation, yet additionally its solid private and business area is an optimal spot for yourself as well as your friends and family to live and work at. In light of everything, New Metro city has all the earmarks of being a respectable endeavor, a valuable open door for the two financial backers and the ones who need to live in it. From a piece of land New Metro city Gujar is now bringing a sophisticated city to you to investigate your fundamental getaway. In light of everything, New Metro city has all the earmarks of being a respectable endeavor, a valuable open door for the two financial backers and the ones who need to live in it. We would encourage you to benefit from this open door and book yourself a protected spot in a surprising new undertaking.

Don’t wait:

Anyway, what are you sitting tight for? This is a unique undertaking, the most noteworthy project in  Gujar It is offering rich brilliant elements to the inhabitants as well as sensible re-visitations of its financial backers.

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