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Property Valuation Methods In Pakistan

Introduction Pakistan’s real estate sector plays a significant role in the country’s economy and growth. With improved security conditions, increased tourism, relaxed regulations for the construction sector, and higher rankings on the ease of doing business index, Pakistan is attracting investments and remittances. However, realizing the true potential of real estate requires accurate and transparent […]

Why to invest in REAL ESTATE?

What real estate actually is? Real estate plays a vital role in strengthening the economy. It not merely provide building for residential and commercial purposes but also creates jobs and spaces for office, retail and manufacturing. TAX BENEFITS Government really like real estate investors and it treats them differently when it comes to taxation. Real […]

Best Society In Rawalpindi & Islamabad

Twin cities Rawalpindi and Islamabad, are Pakistan’s one of largest cities, are often regarded as having the country’s most beautiful, spectacular, and natural scenery. Islamabad, Pakistan’s capital city, is known for its beautiful architecture as well as its natural beauty. The real estate market in Islamabad is now booming, with a wide range of residential […]


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